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The Rossmoor Photography Club is open to all Rossmoor residents. The Club is also open to non-Rossmoor residents provided non-Rossmoor residents do not exceed 10% of the total Club membership.

Annual dues are $25 per household and includes access to meetings and competitions, and the opportunity of the primary member to compete.  For an additional annual dues of $15, the second household member can have the opportunity to compete.

Information about the club is available on our website or through our membership chair: Ally Whiteneck tel: 925-278-1985, or email:

To print out a membership application, go to "Organization" (just to the right of "Home"). Click on "Documents and files to Download". Then click on the Download button for "Membership Application". Fill out the form and mail to the address highlighted in the Application with a $25 check (or $40 if both household members are competing) or drop it off in the Gateway Administration building behind Gateway in the Photography Club mail box. The application and check goes to our Treasurer. The check is recorded and the Treasurer sends the new member information to the membership chair.

Call Ally Whiteneck if you encounter any difficulties in accessing and printing out the membership form.


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